Youth-Led Relationship Resilience Project coming soon!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our exciting new project, putting young people in charge of developing peer learning resources.  

The three year project will start in July, and is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund’s Young Start grant scheme, with contribution from NHS Highland.  

The project will be shaped entirely around the priorities and needs of young people, because they are the experts in young relationships.  

By fusing together the ideas and lived experiences of under 25s with our experience providing sexual health education, we’ll develop a wealth of youth-led learning resources for peer education and professional training across Highland. 

We’re extremely proud to have placed young people at the heart of our work since our service launched in 2017. Under 25s have helped decide everything from our logo to our programme content, and this funding allows us to continue making sure they lead the way in terms of innovative sexual health education in Highland.  

The project is informed by ongoing consultation with local young people, including findings published in our 2018 report.

We’ve also taken learning from our recent Year of Young People (YOYP) project, funded by the National Heritage Lottery Year of Young People Fund. 

Examples of fantastic youth-led work from our YOYP project include:

Healthy Relationship posters, in collaboration with Nairn Academy, Police Scotland, AMIS and Sx Scotland.

Disability & sex condom wallets, in collaboration with Highland Children & Young People’s Forum and St Clements school.

The Pillar Podcast, in collaboration with LGBT Youth Scotland.

To find out more about what we do, visit our About Wave page.