Including the voices of young people in the work of Waverley Care, Wave Highland and SX Scotland.

When we launched Wave in November 2017, we did so with a commitment to ensuring that young people had a voice in how sexual health education is designed and delivered in Highland.

We’ve been working to spread that ethos across the whole of Waverley Care, the charity that runs Wave and our colleagues at SX Scotland, to make sure that young people have a say in all of our work around HIV, hepatitis C and sexual health.

That has led to the establishment of the Waverley Care Young People’s Panel. The panel brings together a group of young volunteers from across Scotland, aged 16-25, who will help to ensure that the needs of the young people we work with are put first. They will do this by:

  • Developing and running campaigns to gather feedback and evidence from young people on issues important to them.
  • Working with our Senior Management Team to ensure that the views of young people are reflected in our strategic planning.
  • Working with our projects to ensure that young people’s voices are heard and represented across all areas of our work
  • Working with partner agencies to represent young people across Scotland and influence policy and practice within sexual health and relationships.

Meet the Panel

Alice Murray

Catherine Kelly – I’m Catherine and I’m a student in Dundee. I enjoy playing sports and socialising with friends and am really looking forward to joining the Young People’s Panel!

Connor O’Neil

EJ Carroll – Hi there, my name is EJ, I am 20 years old and currently studying my HND in Legal Services. I’m very excited to be part of this project as it will give me an opportunity to share my own experiences as well as giving me a chance to learn from others!

Mia Beattie – I am based in Dumfries and Galloway and I am looking forward to working with others in the panel so we can make a positive difference to the health of young people.

Oliver Ellis – I’m Oliver, my pronouns are he/him. I’m from the US but I’ve been living in Scotland for the past four years and I love it! I recently graduated from The University of Edinburgh with a degree in psychology. My interest in sexual health started through volunteering with sex education and LGBTQ+ organisations. I’m passionate about sexual health and trans rights, and I hope this panel can help other young people be empowered to discuss sexual health without shame!

Quentin Wallace – I’m a nonbinary man who’s very enthusiastic about affecting change when it comes to the way sexual health is taught and talked about in Scotland. I’m determined to help remove the stigma around taboo subjects as well as encourage more inclusive language. He/him pronouns please!

Rhona Gowans – Hey! I’m Rhona. I am from Galashiels in the Scottish Borders and currently live in Edinburgh while studying Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh. I am incredibly passionate about the promotion of healthy, happy, and safe sexual and reproductive lives and I want to use my voice to advocate for a more sex-positive, inclusive society for everyone.

Seonaid More – I studied Psychology and Public Health at university and I chose to join the YP Panel as I have an interest in sexual health improvement and policy, and research experience investigating sexually transmitted infections and stigma in British young people.

Getting in Touch

The Young People’s Panel is hear to help engage with young people, and to give you a voice on issues around HIV, hepatitis C and sexual health. If you have any questions, or ideas about what you’d like to see us doing, you can start the conversation by getting in touch.