Your sexuality is who you are attracted to and, like gender, there are lots of ways that people identify themselves.

For example, if someone is attracted to the same sex they may identify as homosexual, gay or lesbian. People who are attracted to both males and females may identify as Bisexual.  Pansexual is also common and is when someone is attracted to a person because of who they are, rather than their sexuality or gender. When someone is attracted to the opposite sex they may identify as being heterosexual or ‘straight’.

Sexuality shouldn’t determine or limit what a person can do, or the opportunities that they have, such as getting a job, going to university or getting married.

Homophobia and Biphobia are terms used for someone who has a fear of, or is prejudiced against those who identify as homosexual or bisexual.  It is non-inclusive and makes people from minority sexuality groups feel secluded.

For more info, help and support for any questions you may have around sexuality, contact LGBT Youth Scotland:  | 0131 555 3940