Proud to support ProudNess

It has been estimated that over 5,000 people came together on Saturday for ProudNess, the Highland’s first Pride event in over 15 years.

Celebrating LGBTI+ diversity and inclusion, the event saw over 3,000 people march united through the centre of Inverness. This was followed by talks, stalls and live music at Eden Court.

Waverley Care had a fantastic time speaking to those that attended, and the team took the opportunity to ask what Wave and other services could do to support LGBTI+ young people in Highland.

There were definite themes within the suggestions and responses we received and comments included:


“more LGBT classes”

“include more info around gender rather than just sexuality”

“let young people know being A-sexual is ok”

“LGBT relationships and sex ed need to be taught more in PSE”

“LGBT is not just ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’”

“more focus on relationships rather than just sexual health”

“LGBT sex ed & consent education & domestic abuse education – it was only ever about straight people”



“Awareness & education for students helps build allies”

“need classes on LGBTI+ bullying”

“LGBT training for ALL school staff, not just guidance”

“teachers need training”

“teaching teachers more about LGBTI+”

“Schools need more assembly/awareness sessions”

“Social dancing (eliminating dances) is awkward – teachers need to learn”

“Improve social dancing”

“TALK TALK TALK about it! Bring people of influence to schools to talk about it!”

“(Schools should have) gender neutral toilets”


Community Awareness & Support

“Information for parents – advice on your child coming out, not making assumptions, etc”

“Work with artists to open people’s minds through creative means”

“Work with the art community/ young artists / emerging artists to help convey the LGBTI+ community through art and design”

“Gay people should be treated equal!”

“Display/find information about services for trans/non-binary people in the Highlands”

“Specific support for bi-people”

“Work with groups that support young people who are no longer in education”

“Have more events to make LGBT+ people more comfortable in public”

“Allow everyone to be who they want to be”

“Raise awareness and let people know BE SAFE!”


If anyone has any other suggestions for how we can support LGBTI+ young people within Highland, let us know by emailing

Read more about the ProudNess event on Twitter by searching #ProudNess or visit the event website


The Waverley Care team at ProudNess