Life Gets Better Together – Nairn Academy Equality Forum

February is LGBT History Month and to celebrate, we want to highlight some of the amazing work going on across Highland. Over to Nairn Academy’s Equality Forum…

The Equality Forum formed in March 2017 and since then has tripled in size with a fantastic bunch of committed and determined young people.

As a group we mainly focus on creating a positive and equal environment for all of the members of the school. We meet regularly to discuss upcoming plans, events and ways that we can fight inequality.

We have been very lucky to have been provided with training from Waverly Care, Highland Children’s Forum and we are attending the Northern Alliance Learning Festival in February to speak about our work.

We also had a visit from Claire Birkenshaw (Equality and Diversity Champion), a head teacher who transitioned whilst in post who inspired all of the pupils to continue with their work.

As part of our work we have created the ‘Life Gets Better Together’ video above to highlight the importance of our work, along with, our ‘It’s Okay’ guide.

We are currently applying for our LGBT School Charter Award and hope to be the first school in the Highlands to achieve this.

See our Equality Forum newsletters on our school website for more information.

The poem recited in the video is copied below…

Life Gets Better Together
Jodie Fitzpatrick / Nairn Academy Equality Forum

We don’t feel safe anywhere; home, school, anywhere in between,
We don’t feel safe anywhere where there’s another human near.
It’s a mix of lack of trust; and support,
Too many people bring us to fear.
We live too much inside our heads,
Where we can finally roam free.
We know we don’t belong where we are constantly judged,
Just for being happy

But love is too beautiful
To stay hidden in the closet.

A simple walk home, for example, can turn sinister, scary,
We can still hear their whispers through our steady music’s beat.
That usually keeps us calm, keeps our heart in sync,
But nothing can help us once our eyes meet.
Your stares burn through our brain,
You’re inside our head once more.
We blink back brutal tears,
What is all of the names, names, stares, hatred for?
No one can see what goes on in our mind,
No one will see how we’re breaking Inside.

Being gay isn’t a choice
Being homophobic is.

Doors locked, curtains drawn,
Sit in silence, safe in darkness.
No one can notice our tear stained faces, the scarred memories in our mind.
Then the cycle repeats, an ongoing battle with our brain,
Forced to reflect on the day left behind.
Yet there is never a dark moment for long in our hearts,
Painted rainbow and full of colour.
Throw wild parties to help us survive,
The day, just done, much duller.

Too much blood flown from the wrist
Of those shamed for who they choose to kiss.

If only everyone were kind, accepting,
Welcoming people like us with an open heart.
Then we may feel less alone,
Then we may feel more a part
Of the society that we are forced to live in.
And there are so many like us who are open.
So many who are free,
Can choose who they want to be.
And we know friends are never apart,
Maybe in distance but never at heart.

The beauty of standing up for your rights,
Is seeing others stand as well.

Life. Gets. Better. Together.