Healthy Happy You at UHI

The University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) annual student health and wellbeing event, Healthy Happy You, is taking place from 19 February-2 March.

This year’s theme is community, with a focus on the relationship between mental and physical wellbeing, accessibility, making sport social, healthy habits, and support available for students.

The event incorporates the national University Mental Health Day on Thursday 1 March and the campaign aims to empower all members of the UHI community to be active in supporting student mental health.

As part of Health Happy You, Rory and Jo have been at Inverness College talking to young people about what makes a healthy relationship.

Relationships shape and influence us as individuals and affect most areas of our lives – from our relationships with our family members growing up to the relationships we have with partners and friends. Our relationships can change the way we act, the way we think and our values and attitudes, so it is important that they are supportive and caring. It is important to be able to recognise a healthy relationship to stay safe and happy.

Young people at Inverness College told us that respect, love, trust and honesty were all very important to them in a relationship. As well as these, being able to talk to each other, have fun together and allowing each other space were all also discussed among other things.

What do you think makes a healthy & happy relationship? Let us know over on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages, using the hashtags #HHY2018 #UniMentalHealthDay.